Private Loan Request: 125% LTV |$299000|Investment - Single Family|Tallahassee, Florida, 32303|Requires Funding on

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My husband was ill most of last year with a staph/strep infection. He is well now and back to work. I work at a credit union league and my husband is a painting contractor. We both work full-time. However, our credit plummeted last year along with my husband's health. Currently, we are renting, but want to be paying on a mortgage note. We also want to pay off miscellaneous debts we incurred over the last five years. We would like an extra $10,000 to pay moving expenses and to add a few things in this home. If we are only allowed to borrow for the mortgage we are okay with that. Just let us know.

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Investment / Single Family

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Less than 500

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