Private Loan Request: 56% ARV |$480000|Investment - Town Home|Central, Florida, 33837|Requires Funding on

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The project consists of 35 4-plex town home units. We are looking for investors to fund either 1, 2, or 3, 4-plex town home units. Currently the borrower has 3 pads or 12 units under construction. Since the project is already underway, we are looking to move quickly on this. Here is how the deal looks... Loan Scenario: Proposed Rate: 10.99% Proposed Points to Lender: 2% Proposed Term: 12 Months No-Prepay Penalty Requested Loan Amount: $480,000 Cost to Construct one 4-Plex Unit: $480,000 After Construction Value of one 4-Plex Unit: $849,600 {two unit types A/B: A=$224,900 / B= $199,900} LTV after Construction: 56% Collateral: Lot “free and clear”: *** Borrower is willing to setup a 12-month interest reserve using his own funds to guarantee repayment of interest on this loan. ***

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