Funding Your Fix and Flip Project

Funding Your Fix and Flip Project

If you want to take on the task of flipping a house, there’s quite a few things to consider. It may seem like an easy way to make a profit, but it can also be an easy way to lose money and very quickly. It may seem simple to find a cheap home and fix it up, and sell it. But what some may not be considering is all the small steps between the the first offer and final closing. in Florida can help you out along the way and make your flip a success.

As Seen on TV

Flipping homes is a popular theme on television shows, but what many don’t show is how much time and money actually goes in to turning a dilapidated home into a property that is ready for market and even further, the difficulty of making a profit once the home is sold.

It takes more than a coat of paint and a contractor to make a profit on a home. Besides the actual financing, there are insurance and property taxes that have to be considered while the house is being fixed. Once it is ready to be sold, there are even more significant costs to keep in mind when getting ready to list the home on the market.

The Finer Details

The first thing you have to consider when flipping a home is financing. If you are unable to finance the cost of the home, you can come up with hard money. Hard money is a specific type of loan used by investors or companies for projects such as fix and flips, but it is not the only way to finance this type of project.

Not all fix and flips follow the same budget so you have to do plenty of research before investing in a project. The property taxes will vary from state to state, so you want to be sure to look into this when planning out your budget. Maintenance costs will also fluctuate depending on what area you are planning to purchase in, so you want to find a home that will yield a profit with minimum maintenance costs.

The last thing you want to keep in mind when it comes to planning out the costs of your fix and flip is selling costs. These will change depending on the house and many buyers prefer that the closing cost be paid by the seller, and the real estate agent will also need to be paid for their services as well.

Once you have all the details figured out, discussing your financing options with a lender is going to be the next and final step before starting on your project. You may want to discuss your options with multiple lenders to make sure they are the right choice for you and your personal situation.

Get Started Today

Now that you know the basics of how to fix and flip, you can get started on your search to finding the perfect home for your project. If you have more questions or want suggestions on where to start your search, contact today.



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