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Posted on June 25th, 2019
What is SBA 7(a) loan?
Small Business Administration offers small businesses that require up to $5 million loan opportunities that can help shape the future of that particular business in a more convenient way and it falls under the SBA 7(a) business loans. This program serves a variety of businesses with different purpose and structure. It's known for its particularly longer term lengths that can go up as far as 25 years, and as far as the lowest interest rates anyone has to offer, this goes as low as 2.25%.

Why do small business owners look for SBA 7(a) loans?
Small business owners - despite looking into other factors like funding speed, schedule repayment, paperwork - are more likely to search for the least expensive funding they are eligible for more than anything else. This is why APRs, loan size, and term lengths can easily have a direct influence on the small business owners to get the most suitable option for their funding, and this is exactly what the SBA 7(a) loans offer.

How do SBA 7(a) loans work?
The basic idea of Small Business Administration, the governing body that runs the programs under SBA 7(a), is that they do not lend the money themselves, but what they do is ensure it. Depending on the small business owner's or applicant's qualifications, loan size, planning of the business, loan terms,  the loan guarantees can hover around 50% to 85%. The catch here is making the whole process look easier and safer to the eyes of the lender by promising that if the borrower defaults, Small Business Administration's governing body will be responsible for the 50%-85% of the loan's return. With this kind of guarantee, the lenders then easily get swayed and give the potential small business owners the money they need.

What are the best uses of SBA 7(a) loans?
The Small Business Administration, the governing body that operates the SBA 7(a) loan programs, has a variety of options to choose from when it comes to different types of financing. But, for your application to look stronger and for your business to actually prosper these are the most well-thought uses of SBA 7(a) loans:

●    Capital For Real Estate: Real Estate is one of the most prospective businesses in the United States of America, and showing the right opportunities in your application in acquiring Real Estate can get you your loan accepted faster and at the same time makes your success more probable.

●    Existing Businesses That Could Thrive: There are so many opportunities lying right under our noses, but we can't tell them because of lack of research. A well put research can boost the chances of getting opportunities in buying existing businesses that are probably not doing so well in the market currently but will do with the right attitude. These opportunities are seen lucrative for the board of SBA 7(a), so it's one of the best ways to convince them of your qualifications and at the same time a very good business idea. 

●    General Working Capital For A Suitable Business Idea: SBA 7(a) is famous for granting loans easily for working capital, it’s the only thing about these loans different podcasts, investors, bloggers will tell you but they won’t tell you what kind of ideas get selected more easily making your application seem better. Tech startups that can show promising engagement have the most chance of getting the cut, because of how easy the Return on Investment is.

What are the top SBA 7(a) loan options?
To get the best out of these kinds of loans, we must first learn all the opportunities that they have to offer. These different loans demand different funding, timing, and processing.

●    Standard 7(a) Loan: This type of loan is when you are looking for working capital. This loan can go up to as far as $5 million. The most beautiful part of this kind of loan is that they won’t make us force feed the loan to a particular area, but a diverse portfolio of investments can be an option as well. Because it’s very important to quickly find out whether you’re getting a loan or not, they do not keep you waiting or play you on, instead the whole process will be over in a week or ten days so that people can look for other options.

●    SBA Express Loan: Because timing is so important, and money reaching your account swiftly can make a difference between being able to get hold of great business opportunities and failing to take those opportunities, Small Business Administration has provided this particular loan that will give you a swift decision within 36 hours.

●    SBA 7(a) Small Loan: It's similar to what we find in Standard 7(a) Loan, but the catch is that it's easier to acquire because of the cap on the capital you can get, which is $350,000. As the name suggests, it can only accelerate small loans that can be paid back over a longer period of time.

What is the basic eligibility requirement for SBA 7(a) loans?
●    You must have registered for a profitable business with a proper trade license mentioning the goal of the business.

●    Small Business Administration, as the name suggests, will look for definitive small business attributes in the business according to its own definition.

●    It must be a business operating inside of the U.S.

●    Your own involvement in the business is required to make you eligible for an SBA 7(a) loan.

●    With your application, you must make them understand how much time is being given to a particular project in order to be eligible.

What is it that the SBA 7(a) lenders look for?
Since Small Business Administration themselves do not give out loans, it's important not to overlook what the lenders are looking for in an application for business loans. Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) must be at least 1.15, for comparing business cash flow and debt obligation. Collateral can make a good impression in the application, although it's not necessarily a requirement for the loans to be granted. A business plan pertaining business plan of up to 5 years will definitely impress lenders and will give them more confidence you to invest in you. Beyond these measures, the Small Business Administration alongside the lenders are supposed to look into other factors as well, so if you have anything special up your sleeve it's time to flaunt because, without it, it's just one of the hundreds of applications out there.

What is the bottom line?
Small Business Administration's 7(a) is one of the finest loan programs an entrepreneur can get their eyes on, if not the finest. Long term, sustainable development is the biggest part of its plan. With the right wit and mindset, it's more than possible to acquire these loan programs for your small business. But, the method of applying must adhere to everything it is subject to like timing, funding, etc., the bottom line being that you are unlikely to find a better alternative.

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